The Girl with the Hat

And Now for the Full Story as it happened!

I was back from Beirut to Dubai only one day before, it was a quick trip filled with so many things, bottom line and I was exhausted, and apparently on my way, either I caught the flu virus or a cold, I didn’t know what happened, but things got very messy with me… Fever, coughing and all the Fly package.

I lived next to a coffee shop, so the second day of my sickness I decided to go out, get exposed to some sun, and some fresh air…

I was walking into the coffee shop pretty much like the series “The Walking Dead”; after checking out the available types of sandwiches and while waiting in line, a beautiful girl walked into the coffee shop…

She looked like those you see in Music Videos, a combination of the singer Beyoncé and Shakira… Well, drop dead Gorgeous!

She was walking confidently and spreading positive energy around, and I was hearing choirs in the background singing some heavenly songs with each step she took towards me…

And she was with those long seconds, standing right next to me… She was wearing a cute little hat, pretty round, just like the one the famous silent actor Charlie Chaplin used to wear, only a smaller version…

She smiled at me and I smiled back, and I confidently looked at her and whispered in a voice only she could hear:

“Nice Hat… makes your eyes look great”

“Thank you :)”

We continued chatting and one thing led to another, and here we were sitting and exchanging talks… and everyone were noticing some rainbows coming out of our seats… and they were giving me the smile of a Hero who got the girl after a long struggle.

We started dating, and years later, we were happily married… and we had Twins and we named them Beyoncé and Shakira!

Well, at least that’s how I WISHED that story would’ve happened… What really happened was:

As she stood by me, I was feeling terrible from the Fever, but I took a courage and looked at her, smiled and said…

“Nice Ass!”

“WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME!” she looked at me as if she was one of the Angry Birds Looking at the PIG…

Angry Birds

Oh Boy what Just Happened!!!!!!


At that exact moment, it was as if everyone around me just stopped what they were doing and looked at me… I even felt that extreme silence and the sound of a Pigeon just crashing into the wall 🙂 . You see when you have a Cold, normally your ears becomes heavy and your Voice becomes LOUDER than usual… so my words were heard by literally EVERYONE in that café!


“Nice Hat… I really meant Nice Hat 😦 ”

And of course to extend my humiliation, when I decided to just leave the place, I really didn’t want to get my Tea anymore… but apparently I have paid via Credit Card, and the procedure took longer than usual to complete as the Girl at the cashier started saying bunch of stuff but what I was hearing was similar to this…

“Bla Bla Bla… Can I Have your PIN Please… Bla Bla Bla, we have a new drink here and it’s called POISON, do you want to try it out?? You look like you’re dying anyway!”

Everyone kept staring at me…

And just for the sake of the theatrical drama, let’s say I started hearing the music playing in the background with the song FIRST BE A WOMAN with the Eyes of that Girl Hovering over my Dead Body…

“When you’re walking down the street… don’t forget your …”

Well at the end, all I can say is… in my Life #FiSystem! 



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