This blog is made just for fun, with no hidden agenda nor bad intentions 🙂


I’m one of those people who relates a lot to the popular sitcoms and comedy TV shows, such as Seinfeld, How I Met Your Mother, Friends and Many others… And part of that is caused by me seeing the funny side of real life, even problems, and taking a step back and laugh about it…

What you’re about to read, is a series of short stories that were inspired by my life… But a bit dramatized and extremely sarcastic by my imagination twisting the events a bit to make the reader view them as part of a TV Show.

But they are 100% Inspired by True Events. Any Alteration might have happened to preserve the confidentiality of some characters.

In order for you to truly enjoy yourself reading this book… try to visualize yourself sitting in a bar or a small theater and listening to the author on stage telling his stories.


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